Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

About Us: CAT Systems is a company that takes pride in being Australian owned and operated. It is a subsidiary of Endrust® Australia, which has been the leader in Automotive Rust Protection for over five decades, and has established the largest network of independently owned rustproofing stores in the country. The CATIII Electronic Rust Protection System is the latest technology designed to protect vehicles and machinery from rust and corrosion. In addition to protecting against rust, our products also reduce the time, effort and cost associated with maintaining the condition of your assets.

Our Promise To Our Customers

At CAT Systems, our promise to our customers is rooted in our care for both people and their vehicles. We conduct our business with integrity and honesty, prioritizing customer satisfaction above profit. Our goal is to assist our customers in saving money while providing them with the highest quality advice, products, and services in our industry. We remain committed to continuous product discovery and development in the field of rustproofing.

Your Partner in the War Against Rust!

CAT is your trusted partner in the battle against rust. Our advanced electronic rust protection system extends the lifespan of vehicles and mobile assets, minimizes maintenance costs, and preserves their resale value. Our commitment to quality and innovation has established us as the world's top electronic rust protection company. Join us in the fight against rust and experience the peace of mind that comes with CAT's superior protection.

28+ years of experience

For over 28 years, our team has conducted ongoing research and development to create the most innovative and effective electronic anti-rust protection system available - The CAT system. Our breakthrough innovation, combined with gradual improvements, has led to the #1 system in the world. Through rigorous testing, we have created a superior and versatile product that consistently delivers exceptional results.