CAT Rust Protection Systems can provide an effective and affordable anti-corrosion solution for any size residential and commercial air conditioners.  This advanced technology has been tried and proven in Australian conditions and is the preferred choice of many air-conditioning professionals.

Rust can be incredibly detrimental to the health of air conditioners !

In fact, corrosion is one of the primary causes of casing denigration and equipment failure here in Australia, especially on the coastline.

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This is what our customers say….

“During the last 6 years or so we have installed well over 100 CAT SYSTEM electronic rust control units on the high rise outside air-conditioners. These air-conditioners are exposed to salt air 24 hours a day. In all that time there has been only one failure, the air-conditioner rusted because CAT SYSTEM connection was not switched on!

CAT Systems Australia are most professional to deal with, providing excellent service and marketing a high-quality unit with a most satisfactory performance result. I have no hesitation in recommendingg CAT SYSTEMS for complete rust protection.”

Brian Doyle – 4/11/2013, L&M Electronics Pty Ltd

Great Reasons to install a CAT Air Conditioner Electronic Rust Protection System !

  • All the casing metal is reached, both inside and out. All the places where moisture, salt, and dirt can accumulate.
  • The process is good for a lifetime—unlike coatings which degrade over time and need constant re-application
  • The rust protection is an ongoing process 24/7.
  • There is no electronic interference – CAT is certified to comply Australian, US and European EMC regulations.
  • CAT is easily installed – no drilling or fixing with screws.
  • CAT is designed Aussie-tough for the harshest conditions.
  • CAT can be transferred to another location or system easily.
  • CAT can help avoid costly rust repairs.
  • Solid State Components – Latest Technology.
    Sealed unit – totally moisture and shockproof.
  • Multi-function LED displays system status at a glance.
  • Slows paint oxidation (from anecdotal evidence).