Get answers to your questions about electronic rust protection for vehicles. Our FAQ page provides helpful information on how this innovative technology works, its effectiveness, maintenance requirements, cost, and more. Learn about the benefits of electronic rust protection and why it’s a smart investment for protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion.


1. What is electronic rust protection?

Electronic rust protection is a method of protecting the painted metal surfaces of your vehicle from rust and corrosion by using a small electric current to prevent rust formation. This current is generated by a device that is installed on your vehicle and works by neutralizing the electrochemical process that causes rust.

2. Why is paint essential for the effectiveness of the CAT system?

Paint plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the CAT system by facilitating the distribution of the electrical charge generated by the CAT unit across the metal surface. Without a proper paint coating, the CAT system, along with other electronic anti-rust devices, cannot adequately protect unpainted metal surfaces. Surface rust is often a result of metal lacking paint.

3. Does electronic rust protection prevent rust formation

Yes, it will help to prevent rust formation on painted surfaces by neutralizing the electrochemical process that causes rust. While it may not guarantee complete prevention of rust formation, it has been shown to significantly reduce its likelihood and extent. Many satisfied customers have reported a significant reduction in rust and corrosion on their vehicles after installing an electronic rust protection device.

4. How long does electronic rust protection last?

Electronic rust protection is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it. Once it is installed, it provides continuous protection against rust and corrosion.

5. Can electronic rust protection be installed on any type of vehicle?

Yes, electronic rust protection can be installed on any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. It is a versatile solution for protecting vehicles of all shapes and sizes from rust and corrosion.

6. Does electronic rust protection require any maintenance?

No, electronic rust protection requires no maintenance or upkeep, making it a hassle-free solution for protecting your vehicle. Once it is installed, it operates automatically and does not require any additional attention.

7. Will electronic rust protection damage my vehicle’s electrical system?

No, electronic rust protection is completely safe for your vehicle’s electrical system and will not cause any damage. The small electric current used by electronic rust protection is very low and will not interfere with any other electrical components in your vehicle.

8. Can electronic rust protection be installed on a new vehicle?

Yes, electronic rust protection can be installed on a new vehicle to provide long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion. It is a proactive solution that can help prevent rust damage before it occurs.

9. How much does electronic rust protection cost?

The cost of electronic rust protection varies depending on the type of vehicle and the specific product you choose, but it is generally an affordable investment compared to the cost of repairing rust damage. It is a one-time expense that provides long-term protection for your vehicle.

10. Is electronic rust protection environmentally friendly?

Yes, electronic rust protection is an environmentally friendly solution to rust protection that does not require the use of harmful chemicals or coatings. It is a safe and eco-friendly option for protecting your vehicle and reducing your environmental impact.

11. Can I install electronic rust protection myself or do I need a professional?

Installation difficulty can vary depending on the type of electronic rust protection system you choose. Some systems on the market can be quite difficult to install and may require professional assistance. However, our CAT system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to install, even for those with minimal mechanical knowledge. The installation process is straightforward and comes with detailed instructions and all necessary materials. For DIY Installation the CAT system is a perfect choice.

13. What a CAT System CANNOT do.

It cannot return rusted components back to metal; the amount of energy that is released in a rust reaction is very large. While the system can help slow and in some cases stop the rust reaction, reversing the reaction is well beyond the capability of the system.