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Protect Your Vehicle from Rust with the 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System

Rust is a common problem for many vehicle owners, especially those who live in humid or coastal areas. Rust can affect the appearance, performance, and safety of your car, truck, or SUV. Rust can also lower the resale value of your vehicle and increase the maintenance costs.

But you don’t have to worry about rust anymore. You can prevent rust from forming and spreading with the 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System.

The 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System is a smart solution that uses an alternating current (AC) to interfere with the rusting process. It consists of a main module, two coupler pads, and a wiring harness. The main module generates the AC signal and sends it to the coupler pads, which are attached to different parts of your vehicle’s body. The coupler pads create an invisible shield of electrons that covers your entire vehicle and protects it from rust.

The 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System is designed for small to medium passenger vehicles that mainly drive on sealed roads. It is easy to install, safe to use, and environmentally friendly. It does not affect your vehicle’s electronics or warranty.

The 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System comes with a 10-year replacement warranty that covers product replacement worldwide. You can buy it directly from CAT Systems Australia, the leader in electronic rust prevention systems since 1989.

Don’t let rust ruin your ride. Order the 2 Pad CAT Electronic Rust Protection System today and enjoy the benefits of a rust-free vehicle.

Product Selection and Pricing

We take rustproofing seriously and will never sell you a system without being sure it is the right one for you and your vehicle.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and a personalised quote.

This high powered rust suppression system features solid-state electronics sealed inside a thick protective resin and housed in a rugged aluminium casing. All wiring is rated and connections are made using high quality waterproof “AMP” connectors. Each high tech coupler pad is protected by thermo moulded rubber and features high strength 3M bonding adhesive. Our production facilities are ISO9001 and TS16949 accredited which means we take quality very seriously.

Additional information

Weight 654 g
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 7 cm
Technical Specifications

Input Voltage > 12V/24VDC
Operating Voltage > 9V-32VDC
Output Transformers > Two (2)
Output Power (to each Pad) > 50Vpk-pk @ 12.5kHz
Ground > – Negative
Current Draw > 25ma +/-
Operating Temperature > -30°C to 85°C

Package Contents

1 x CATIII Main Module
2 x Large Coupler Pads
1 x Complete Wiring Harness
2 x 2m Pad Extension Leads
Cable Ties
Alcohol Swabs
Spare Fuse
Installation Guide & Product Warranty

CAT is pleased to provide the following extended warranties:-

a) System Warranty:- CAT warrants the owner that the CAT System (Module) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years. ^

b) Vehicle Corrosion Warranty (Australia Only):- The CAT System is warranted to help protect the vehicle against steel corrosion for a period of ten (10) years from the date the vehicle was manufactured. ^

^(terms and conditions apply)

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  1. Matthew Gibbs Johnson

    I have a 1980 FJ62 Landcruiser, it had one fitted many yrs ago, and I have done over a 900000km in my old girl, and there is absolutely no rust, I use it in Albany Western Australia for off roading all over Australia, for 39yrs its not rusted out…the chassis and body are like new…excellent piece of electronic rust prevention technology… well done CAT!

  2. Justin Zahra (verified owner)

    Great Product, Great Service and Fast Delivery!!!

  3. Ricky (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and Excellent Sales Service – Product exactly as described – Installation was a breeze.

  4. Matthew M

    The Mechanical Section of the Norfolk island Regional Council and the former Administration of Norfolk Island have been installing CAT Electronic Ant Corrosion Systems to fleet vehicles since 2013 and have found that the units are extremely effective in the suppression of rust in vehicles fitted. Being a small island constantly exposed to strong winds, the motor vehicles here are extremely susceptible to high levels of rust damage which can shorten the life of the vehicle by several years. The fitting of Cat Electronic Anti Corrosion systems in our vehicles has been found to prolong the life of the vehicle and definitely retard the rust growth in them.

  5. Ted Francis, WA

    We fitted a CAT anti-corrosion system to our Toyota LandCruiser wagon in 2003. This vehicle has been used as a work vehicle, and to launch and retrieve a boat in and out of the ocean on the South Coast on regular occasions. Thirteen years later there are still no sign of rust; best little “Pussy CAT” ever ! Would strongly recommend.

  6. Jack Scheele, QLD

    I have had one of these systems installed in my last seven cars. When I came to trading them in they were absolutely pristine, inside and under body. My new motor home which is presently under construction deserves one too. Great Product, anyone not using one have no idea what they are missing. Keep on keeping on…..

  7. Stuart Fleming (East Coast Motorcycles), TAS

    I have had a cat system fitted to my 1990 model Toyota Landcruiser for around 10 years. I live in a small coastal town in Tasmania Australia and regularly drive on coastal sand dunes and launch a boat off the beach. I rarely wash the vehicle and I never polish it. The paint work even has some scratches through to bare metal. After 10 years of neglect in a harsh environment the bodywork has virtually no rust , even the bare metal scratches have only very light surface rust. I believe the Cat system is very efficient and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to minimize rust damage to their vehicle.

  8. Brian Doyle (L&M Electronics Pty Ltd), QLD

    Our company is located on Mermaid Beach in the Gold Coast Queensland. During the last 6 years or so we have installed well over 100 CAT SYSTEM electronic rust control units on high rise outside air conditioners which operate from main power by way of a reducer from 240 to 13 volts. These air conditioners are exposed to salt air 24 hours a day.In all that time there has been only one failure, the air conditioner rusted because CAT SYSTEM connection was not switched on!At all times we have found Roe Marketing and CAT Systems Australia most professional to deal with, providing excellent service and marketing a high quality unit with a most satisfactory performance result.I have no hesitation in recommending CAT SYSTEM for vehicles and in particular units installed on our air conditioners for complete rust protection.

  9. Allen Kent, WA

    My Toyota Landcruiser has been fitted with a CAT 1 protection system since being purchased new in 1992. The paint work is still original and in very good condition due to the fact that The CAT 1 has done it’s job over a 20 year period. The vehicle is also maintained and polished regularly to protect the vehicle.

  10. David T, SA

    I just wanted to thank you for the CAT anti rust system. I live in a coastal city and my car is constantly exposed to sea air and I do not drive my car huge distances. As I am such a skeptical person, after installing the system, I set up a test for the system of two screws – one connected to the bull bar and one insulated from the chassis by a rubber mount. The screws are galv coated self tappers, so I filed off the galv coat. They have been on the car for exactly the same time and have been exposed to the same conditions and the insulated screw is showing, without a doubt, significant rusting while the other screw is only showing a very slight visible rust. So I can recommend this product to anyone – it doesn’t totally stop rust but it significantly reduces it and is well worth the relatively small cost.And no – I don’t know the owner and I am in no way gaining from this testimony.

  11. John Hughes (John Hughes Group of Companies), WA

    The John Hughes Group of Companies (formerly Skipper Group) is a major franchise holder of Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen. Together with the large pre-owned used holding of vehicles, the Group is the largest single site dealership in Western Australia, selling over 1,000 vehicles each month.The John Hughes Group has been marketing the Electronic Cat System System Rust Inhibitor for 11 years. A large number of the Group’s sales over that period have been 4WD and commercial vehicles – both new and used. During the 11 years I have not received a complaint regarding the performance of the system and it is my understanding that there has been only one minor claim which was dealt with professionally and efficiently. This product has been successfully marketed throughout Australia and internationally for the past 12 years by Roe Marketing & Consulting Pty Ltd.Our 4WD and commercial vehicles are used in all conditions throughout Western Australia and because of the high efficiency of the Cat System and the professional services my company receives, I would recommend the Cat System Rust Inhibitor to any potential buyer of motor vehicles.

  12. Jamie Wallis (Wallis Drilling), WA

    Wallis Drilling Pty Ltd currently has in excess of 38 units fitted to various vehicles. While it is nearly impossible to evaluate the action of the CAT system (because how can you evaluate nothing happening?), we consider that the overall marked reduction in CAT repairs warrants their continued use and fitment to vehicles as they enter the fleet. Where a unit has ‘gone down’, usually because of inadvertent disconnection, there seems to be a marked increase in corrosion.Another observation is that the CAT vehicles seem to keep their ‘bloom’ considerably longer than vehicles that were not fitted.

  13. Hans Merks, WA

    I am writing this letter in reference to the CAT systems that I have installed in 2 of my personal vehicles.The first one was fitted to a 1987 Daimler which I purchased in September 1993 from John Hughes Skipper Mitsubishi who purchased the vehicle brand new. John was concerned about rust problems with this vehicle.I subsequently had Melville Car Craft Panel and Paint do extensive repairs to in excess of $4,000. LH front door skin, RH rear door skin, boot lid and all other areas were ground treated with exit rust converter. A silver coating of rust inhibited weld-thru primer has been applied to all welded patches and both door skins repairs.After the extensive work I immediately fitted a CAT system and until now have not had the slightest sign of any rust what so ever. I intend to keep this vehicle for a long time and I am absolutely thrilled at the results.At approximately the same time I restored a 1973 Buick Centurion pillarless sedan. It had areas of rust in the boot etc. After repairs and treatments I fitted a CAT system and until this time I can not locate any trace of rust.I certainly recommend this system and if any one wishes to contact me to verify my statement I will only be too happy to tell them of my total satisfaction.

  14. Les Beckett (Beckett Engineering Services), WA

    Our vehicle has covered more than 190,000 kms and to this point there are no signs of corrosion in the body or chassis. A small test patch of bare metal on the under body has no corrosion after being exposed to the elements for approximately 3-4 years.””I would like to take this opportunity to thoroughly recommend the cat system to anyone who wishes to preserve their vehicle against the ingress of rust and keep it in first class condition.

  15. Dr Arvid Linde, WA

    I thought that your firm would like some positive feedback. I had an electronic anti corrosion device installed when I bought my Commodore VR in February 1994. We live in Swanbourne, close enough to the ocean to get our outside cars sprayed continuously with salt spray. On 8.6.94 the car was swiped and dented down the metal by another vehicle. It was at least 3 weeks before Johnny Lewer Smash Repairs could panel beat this. He noticed that there was not even the beginnings of rust. This surprised him in view of our proximity to the sea (and the infrequency with which I wash the car!)

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